1. Back in the smokey eye game and I’m so content.

  2. Fall staples in the form of urban decay YDK and mufe me-50 aqua pencil. #bblogger


  3. Mascara duo of choice lately.


  4. Lip product removing wipes seems a little unnecessary but there are just some things you didn’t know you needed until they came about.

    I initially read Temptalia’s review that she wasn’t impressed with this one so I figured I’d start with the smaller pack and take it from there.

    The Bite wipes are packaged in individual packets that tear open like a hand wipe. The wipes themselves are a thin material with small holes with a texture that doesn’t feel rough, scented with something light and citrus-y. This is the wipe folded in half, the way it looks when you remove it from the pack. I didn’t realize this was folded at first due to the wipe being relatively saturated with solution.

    I ended up using pretty much the entire wipe on my lips, which were loaded with about 5 different products from pencil to lipstick to gloss (I hadn’t worn a bold lip in awhile.. couldn’t resist packing it on!). I fully expected my lips to be stained (I had used a matte Sephora lipstick and MAC Rebel) as they usually are with the products I used but this took everything else off very efficiently. I found I only needed to go over my top and bottom lip about twice to get everything off.

    As for the aftermath, there was no burning, stinging or mess around my lips to be cleaned up. I didn’t feel any exfoliation (not that it was expected) and my lips felt comfortable, not raw like they would have been if I used a paper towel or Kleenex.

    All in all, if you’re a usual wearer of a bold lip, these aren’t worth it. However they are wonderful if you find yourself in a bold lip just a few times a month. I’ll keep buying these due to the ease of use and my own pure laziness.

  5. It has taken way too long to get on this bandwagon. No residue, just a clean removal. Props to clinique.