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    Everyone is buzzing about the BeautyBlender micro.mini so here’s the skinny.¬†Apparently this is meant more for contouring and highlighting but I can’t be the only one that thought to use it under the eyes for concealer.¬†

    The up side of these little babies is that under eye concealer won’t crease by the end of the day, as they help even out the product as well as the original blender. The down side is they get dirty - and fast. A lot of people subscribe to the idea of washing blender sponges after one use. I can’t say I’ve been one of those people, as I’ll generally use them about three times before washing. However, with the micro.mini sponge, you absolutely have to wash after every use. Product seems to clog these quickly but they’re small so washing isn’t massively time consuming. That being said, I could see collecting a few sets of these to keep on hand, especially if you work professionally in the beauty industry.

    I’d recommend these if you’re into trying something new but if you’re someone who likes quick, easy tools- skip these. They make concealing simple but the constant cleaning required to keep them usable is a downside for me, as I’d much rather go ahead with a brush I can spot clean.


  3. I bought 3 sets. Obsession? No. soniakashuk just understands.


  4. My boyfriend let me borrow his Canon so I could play and decide if I should get one for myself. New posts coming after a few months (yikes) of slacking off. Can we still be friends?

  5. I picked up some new goodies. #bblogger